10 questions: John the Poacher

Jonathan Cook, aka, John the Poacher, has been foraging the East London landscape for the last 30 years. Thanks to a recent film profile, he's gone from a local to a national legend. I caught up with him at the beginning of the elderflower season for a few tips for the novice forager and details of his upcoming foraging course...

recipe: elderflower cordial

Years ago an elder tree appeared in my Nan’s garden. No one knows where it came from but we enjoyed the pretty cream flowers and the heady, musty-sweet scent. One year a blue tit’s little puffball fledglings sat amongst the flower sprays and blended in so well it sounded as though the tree were singing...

room to grow

For the longest time I’ve held onto a dream passed down to me by my Mum and Dad and maternal Nan, Ivy. A dream of moving to the country, away from the noise and soot (now car fumes) choking our over-crowded urban town, to live and thrive off of the land...

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